Meet Our Team

Mita Bedi

Chief Executive Officer

Joris Dries

Chief Technology Officer

Jessica Gutierrez

Customer & Application Support Manager

Shivendra Patrabansh

Product Design Lead

Luna Wen

Team Lead

Danielle Gosper

Team Lead

Camila Lima

Quality Assurance Lead

M. Awais Jan

Customer Success

Pallavi Jankarima

Customer Success

Asmita Pandey

Junior Quality Assurance Engineer

Kylie Diep

Application Support

Zumar Ahmed

Application Support

Jimmy Chen

Software Engineer Intern

Sharath Sridhar

Junior Software Engineer

Braedon Wooding

Software Engineer

The Resonate Way of Life


Learn and Grow

Room to develop

We give you the space to learn and develop your skills to the best you can be. As part of our core values, we are not afraid if you break your wand to get to where you want to be in your career.



Team first

If you’re stuck, the team is here to help you get over that hurdle. No battles have to be fought alone, we always look out for each other if we are stuck.



Work anywhere

You shouldn’t have to be stuck at your desk for 8 hours each day. We have standing desks, meeting rooms, open spaces or even work from home. Change it up to suit your lifestyle.

Create opportunities

Create Opportunities

We are here to win

Resonate is built with a winning attitude. Everyone is here is creating an opportunity for Resonate, the team or themselves. We celebrate our wins no matter how big or small.

Take a break

Take a Break

Rest and recharge

We don’t want our magicians to be burnt out. Sometimes it is good to take a break, recharge your energy and then get back to making magic. The best magic is made with a clear mind.

Have fun

Have Fun

It is important to smile

It is important to smile and laugh at work. The people are more than just friends, people should feel welcomed and accepted no matter who they are.

Careers at Resonate

Work/Life Balance

We try to ensure that everyone here has a good work life balance. We know everyone has a life outside of work and it is important to make sure there is a good balance between work and everyday life.

Casual Working Environment

We like to keep things pretty relaxed in the office. We have company meetings where we all pull up a seat or find a spot close to the big screen. We like to keep things light and fun so you probably won’t see formal attire as a common thing.

Mandatory Fun

Fun is not an option at Resonate. Every Friday, the team sits down together for lunch and followed by mandatory fun activities that normally ease you into the weekend. Also the Social Team comes up with a monthly celebration that keeps the group motivated.

Unwind Stations

There are a number of activities you can partake when you need a break and unwind. In our games room we have an Xbox and Foosball table. We also have basketball and table tennis. Don’t be afraid to grab a colleague and play a game together.

Interested in working at Resonate?