Happy International Women’s Day

Bringing the “Sass” in SaaS:
Meet the Women in Tech at Resonate

From our humble beginnings in Australia to becoming a fast growing SaaS company, our ambitions extend far beyond our shores. We’re on a mission to show the world what happens when you put women in charge.

Empowered women lead the future of tech

Our team of kick-ass women in tech is proof that when given the chance to shine, there’s no limit to what women can achieve.


of our workforce are women

A more inclusive and diverse workforce promotes innovation

Diversity is the spark that ignites innovation. By fostering an inclusive culture, we’re creating a melting pot of perspectives that leads to groundbreaking solutions.


of our leaders are women

The future is equal, and it’s beautifully diverse

We are led by fierce women of diverse ethnic backgrounds and on a mission to redefine what global leadership looks like.


of women at Resonate are in STEM

Closing the gap and empowering women in STEM

In a field where women have been underrepresented for far too long, we’re proud to say that 48% of our STEM roles are held by brilliant, boundary-pushing women.

Women Driving Innovation at Resonate

“I’m so proud of the leaders we have here at Resonate. A vast majority of them happen to be women. We never set out to do that. We never had a quota. We never deliberately hired women. We just hired the right person—the 360 degree of the person, not just the skill or experience, but the innate qualities that are required in a tech company that is scaling really rapidly.”

Mita Bedi, CEO and Co-Founder