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Discover tips and real-life examples to make your customers’ and employees’ experiences even more delightful.

Case Studies

The Power of Customer Feedback with Rebel

Find out how Rebel, the Super Retail Group and Resonate have been working together to drive customer experience throughout their organisation.

Improving Retail Frontline CX at Walmart

Operating in a highly competitive market, Walmart set out to integrate the voice of the customer into their everyday operations.

How Expedia ANZ Improved Travel with a Customer-First Approach

Expedia ANZ partnered with Resonate to understand and enhance their customers experience.

CX eBooks

Guide to Successful CX Programs: Introduction

This e-book serves as your primer to the world of NPS — the Net Promoter Score — a pivotal metric that has redefined how businesses measure and understand the customer experience meaning. 

Guide to Successful CX Programs: Launch

The Second Part 2 of the CX Guide eBook emphasizes on the essential nature of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the critical role of feedback in crafting potent CX strategies.  

Guide to Successful CX Programs: Optimize

The Last Part of the CX Guide provides a comprehensive look at the stages of monitoring and optimizing your CX program, offering actionable advice to steer clear of common CX pitfalls.

CX Reports and Whitepapers

The Current State of Brick-and-Mortar Retail Customers

Recent years have brought a few changes to in-store shopping with the introduction of online shopping and advanced technology. Despite this, many consumers continue to prefer in-store shopping. This report looks at customer behaviour in brick-and-mortar stores.

LGA Citizen Experience Opportunities 2023:
Victorian LGAs

In this report, you will get valuable insights on the following: (1) What is driving citizen experience in Victoria?, (2) How can Victorian LGAs benefit from the citizen experience?, (3) Key opportunities for improvement, and a whole lot more on CX for LGAs.

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