Capture, analyse, and improve every customer experience

A true customer experience management platform that helps you move beyond just running customer surveys.

customer experience platform

Platform Features

It starts with listening

Automated, multi-channel, real time feedback capture

Automated Omni Channel Surveys

Let our technology help you reach your customers across channels and touchpoints of their choice

Increased Response Rates

Let our advanced ML driven AI systems analyse and surveys that elicit the best responses

Multi touchpoint feedback

Relationship, episodic and multi touchpoint feedback

Platform Features

Act fast and deliver delight

The platform provides access to actionable insights that allow your frontline teams to close the loop quickly and deliver delight

Role-specific dashboards

for compelling action at the frontline

Automated workflows

powering service recovery at scale

Team performance

Using powerful AI driven platform, we can identify key areas of performance and improvement from CS team to the business unit level

Platform Features

The path to strategic improvement

Deep dive into each experience to understand the why before investing in improvements, driving true revenue growth and competitive advantage

Contextual data

Tie in contextual data with Experience data to get valuable business insights, not just a score

Text and Sentiment Analysis

Transform unstructured customer feedback, sentiment and verbatim into well-organised, structured insights.

Root Cause Analysis

Let our advanced ML driven AI systems do the heavy lifting and analyse the data for you

Platform Features

Win customer loyalty by improving each experience

Bring customer-centric culture to life in your organisation

CX with Context

Bring Operational and CX Data together to understand present and past context to make changes and plan better.

Bring back office and head office teams on CX journey

Bringing the customer closer, scaling customer empathy


Customer Centre Stage

Instill a customer-first mindset by enabling everyone in the team to stay updated on what your customers say and developing a common understanding of your CX performance.

Manage the customer journey

All touchpoints in One Place.

Your customers have a plethora of ways to interact with you. Connect all the customer touchpoints together and actively monitor each phase of their customer journey.

Stay connected to your customers wherever you go

Bring Operational and CX Data together to understand present and past context to make changes and plan better.

See how leading brands are driving market share using CX

Super Retail Group has been using Resonate as its partner in gathering insights into customer needs & behaviours over 5 years.

-wayne tozer

Executive General, Manager Retails Sports Division