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Drive growth with our award-winning CXM platform

Simplify experience management with our groundbreaking, AI-driven platform

Solution for every use case

All-in-one experience management platform

Customer Experience

Harness AI to capture, analyse, and improve every customer experience.

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Employee Experience

Leverage AI-driven insights to hear your employees. Understand their truth. Take action to drive happier, more productive teams.

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Social Experience

Resolve complaints before they destroy your reputation and map your customers’ pain points to transform complaints into praise.

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Complaints Experience

Resolve complaints before they destroy your reputation and map your customers’ pain points to transform complaints into praise.

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Facial Emotion Analytics

Get a whole new lens on the behaviour of your customers by just observing their emotions as they walk through your store.

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Voice of the Customer

Seek feedback from your customers to re-engage and delight them, gaining rich insights into their experience to transform your organization.

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Growth begins with great customer experiences

Turn your team into a goal-hitting machine, powered by AI

Pair automation and AI to streamline your operations and transform unstructured feedback into clear insights. Automation allows you to scale multi-touchpoint programs and multi-channel feedback without having to manually send surveys.

Fastest 2 week onboarding
you’ll ever experience

Get your NPS program up and running in just 2 weeks vs months!

Get a dedicated customer experience manager

We go beyond software and hold your hand throughout your CX journey

Make actioning feedback
fun and rhythmic

With role-specific dashboards, acting on feedback becomes a habit. Feedback flows rhythmically. Opportunities are never missed.

Integrating with the biggest and best is our thing – and we integrate them for you.

Just sit back and relax.

Transformed experiences

Over 50 million experiences turned into delight

Global super-users

Includes concurrent active users all over the world.

Market leading rating

Based on G2’s Global Rating
for SaaS Companies

The biggest names in the game love us

…and many more.


The perfect CXM partner for you

Discover unparalleled CXM success with us. Our track record of elevating customer experience journeys has consistently delivered outcomes for companies across all industries worldwide.

Case Studies

The Power of Customer
Feedback with Rebel

Find out how Rebel, the Super Retail Group and Resonate have been working together to drive customer experience throughout their organisation.

“Resonate has been instrumental in assisting the Sports division as it develops further into a true customer-centric organisation and we look forward to the future of this ongoing partnership.”

Wayne Tozer

Executive General Manager
Retail Sports Division

Case Studies

How Tops Day Nurseries Increased Its Customer Advocacy

Discover how Tops Day Nurseries increased their NPS and Employee NPS scores through the closed-loop feedback process.

“Resonate has been a game-changer for us. Their team is super helpful and knowledgeable, providing valuable insights that help us make positive changes.”

Diane Wycherley

Chief Executive Officer

Case Studies

How Workplace Assured Transformed B2B CX

Discover Workplace Assured’s success in elevating customer experience through feedback-driven strategie.

“The integrity and commitment of the Resonate team is something not often come upon in partner. Our journey was made so much more effective and efficient because we knew they were in it for our success.”

Mei Koon

General Manager
Marketing and Communications

Case Studies

LCHS’s Journey to Achieving 61% Increase in Feedback Responses with Resonate.CX 

Discover how Resonate.CX helped LCHS achieve a 61% increase in feedback responses and a peak NPS of +77 in this compelling case study. 

“To be able to manage and design services whether they’re new or for service improvement without a platform like Resonate—that has such powerful capabilities—would be impossible.”

Michelle Webster

Business Development Manager

Start Accelerating
Customer Delight

We are passionate about driving business growth and creating a lasting competitive advantage by helping you manage delightful customer experiences.

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