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The Customer Experience Management platform that allows you to scale customer centricity throughout your organisation.

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Customer experiences

Allowing brands to listen, learn and delight customers.

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Empowering over 10,000 frontline staff across leading businesses.



Powering global customer experiences in 4 continents.

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The Experience Management Platform
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Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience

Increase lifetime value.
Reduce churn.
Increase recommendation.

Employee Experience Collaboration

Employee Experience

Increase productiveness.
Reinforce company culture.
Drive up employee engagement.

“This partnership has ensured that customer insights are actionable and disseminated into every business unit from merchandising to staff training…”


“The integrity and commitment of the Resonate team is something not often come upon in partner. Our journey was made so much more effective…”


“Resonate has enabled us to truly understand our customers … and obtain actionable insights to improve the customer experience…”


What Resonate’s Experience Management Means for Your Business

Increased Revenue

Optimise the sales journey

Leverage Experience as a Differentiator

Move away from price competition

Identify Operational Risk

Rectify customer risk in real-time

Reduced Complaints and Churn

Turn detractors in to promoters

Grow Market Share

Get competitive advantage through insights

Increased Recommendation

Increase customer lifetime value

How can Resonate Help you?

VoC Design and Consulting

World-class Experience Management Platform

Frontline Training and Onboarding

Ongoing Strategic Insights

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