Privacy Policy


This privacy policy applies to the management of your personal information (PI) by or on behalf of Resonate Solutions Pty Ltd (we, us, our).
We work for people and organisations who ask us to help understand their market.  This might include those who already provide you a product or a service or those who wish to do so (Provider).

What PI do we collect?

We collect and hold PI such as your name, age, gender, date of birth, phone or account number, email, postcode or home address or other demographic information.

How we collect your PI

We collect your PI to conduct surveys or perform consumer analysis for ourselves or for Providers.  This includes when you provide us your PI via in-store, phone or online surveys; or on our website or the Provider’s website. Generally, we collect your PI directly from you but may also collect your PI from Providers if you have given consent for them to do so.

Why do we need your PI?

We need your PI to understand and help the Provider to understand your needs and preferences, to create or update our database(s) and/or the Provider’s database(s) and to otherwise manage your relationship with us or the Provider (Main Purposes).  If you do not provide us with your PI we may not be able to carry out some or all of the Main Purposes.

How do we use your PI?

By submitting your PI to us, you consent to us using it for the Main Purposes or any purpose that could be reasonably expected at the time your PI was collected.  This might include analysing survey or interview results, communicating those results to the relevant Provider, managing your relationship with us or the relevant Provider, helping you to participate in Provider promotions or activities, understanding how you interact with us or the relevant Provider online or at other contact points, or doing some other thing that we are required or authorised to do by law.  We may also use your PI:

  1. for any the purpose disclosed to you in an information collection statement at the point where we collect your PI; or
  2. for a purpose related to one of the Main Purposes.

Can you remain anonymous or use a pseudonym?

We will, if practicable, allow you to use a pseudonym or to not identify yourself (unless this is impractical or against the law (including the Privacy Act 1988 (Australian Privacy Law)).

In some instances, if you do not provide us with certain PI we may not be able to provide you with the relevant product, service or information or help the Provider to do so.  This may have an effect on whether we can continue any ongoing contract or projects with you or allow you to participate in our promotions or those of the relevant Provider.

What disclosures will we make?

In general we will only disclose your PI for the Main Purposes.  We may also disclose your PI in other ways with your consent or as required by law (including the Australian Privacy Law).  If we are helping a particular Provider when we obtain your PI, we will not pass on your PI to any other provider.  We will not sell your PI.  We are unlikely to disclose your PI to any person or entity outside Australia but will inform you if and when this is necessary.

Is your PI confidential and secure?

We take all reasonable steps to keep the PI we hold secure and to ensure it is protected against misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or inappropriate disclosure. We may hold PI in both hard copy and electronic forms in secure systems accessible only to authorised personnel.

Contacting us about privacy

You can access your PI subject to certain limitations under the Australian Privacy Law. In most cases, a summary of your PI is available free of charge. We encourage you to contact us to update your PI to ensure it is accurate, current and complete.  We will take reasonable steps to process your request.

To protect all PI held by us, we may require you to confirm your identity before access to your PI is granted.  If necessary, reasonable costs may be charged to you in accessing your PI, subject always to the Australian Privacy Law.

Please contact us on the details below to access, update or change your PI held by us; or complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles.  We will review all queries and complaints received and will respond to each query/complaint upon due consideration (which may require further information from you).