Facial Emotion Analytics

Although we explicitly seek feedback from customers, we usually miss out on gathering feedback from those shoppers who have either dropped mid-way through their journey or those that simply choose not to respond. With Resonate’s facial recognition and analysis, get a whole new lens on the behaviour of your customers by just observing their emotions as they walk through your store.

Are you sure?

If you feel the number provided by your foot traffic counters in your stores is enough to keep track of how your business is doing:

Do you know enough about the customers who left without buying anything at the store?

Do you have a way to keep track of your customer’s demographics and their distribution in each section of your store?

Do you know how your customers feel when they leave your store?

Do you know how their sentiments change as they go through different parts of your store?

Do you know if those customers are new visitors or loyal customers?


Go beyond traditional counters and touchpoint surveys by capturing your customer’s emotions at the time when they are visiting your business.

Get a new perspective of insights and overall retail sentiment over the foot traffic as explained below.


Understand the emotions of your customers as they walk through various sections of your store. Which experience makes them happy, what irritates them, the times of the day there are more unhappy customers on the floor etc are things you can easily deduce through this.

By Age

Deep dive into your customer’s data by age. Understand what age group the majority of your shoppers fall under, how much each group spends, what hours they prefer to visit etc.

By Demographics

Break down the footfall traffic by demographics understanding details around demographic split by day of the week, hours of the day, sections a particular demography is more likely to visit, identify returning customers etc.

Are you ready to open up new business opportunities through facial analysis?

See how facial recognition can be enabled for your location.