A.I. Driven Conversational Survey

See the Future of Feedback

In today’s highly competitive market, every touch point counts. Why should capturing feedback not be treated as a touch point with your customer? It is a chance to have a real conversation and wow the customer.  Survey fatigue is taking its toll as every organisation is seeking feedback and standard web forms with questions are not a good user experience, especially on mobile.

Get deeper insights through unique one-to-one interaction with your customers, get the metric and also the ability to dig further. The latest A.I-driven conversational survey with built-in machine learning and embedded text analytics allows you to get traditional Voice of Customer (VoC) metrics including Net Promoter Score® (NPS), higher response rates and more verbatim. Create contextual surveys based on the responses, and measure sentiment and emotion without human intervention.

The outcome is a unique interactive experience in capturing customer feedback that is empathetic and provides greater insight.

Resonate’s Conversational Feedback Bot Reggie is:

  • Built-in Machine Learning
  • Embedded Text Analytics
  • Emotion Tracking
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Customisable Output

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