Complaints Experience Management

Redefining Complaint Management Process in Organisations

Why is Complaints Experience so important?


The amount global lenders have paid in fines since the financial crisis – BCG, Bloomberg


For every customer complaint, there are 26 other unhappy customers who have remained silent – Lee Resources International

Best in class complaints experience management platform.

Resonate brings its expertise from implementing and managing CX programs into managing the Complaints Experience. With the experience management platform, you can understand the complaints resolution journey, and key moments of truth and bring actionable insights for building a proactive complaints resolution process.

Visible and Timely Complaints Process

Visible – Timely – Fair – Effective – Impactful Experience Management

  • Bring customer experience metrics to complaints processes
  • Increasing in maturity – continuous improvement
  • Real-time metrics and reporting by complaints phase, brand, product, etc…
  • Workflow mechanism for feedback that needs further attention
  • Use Case Management to Manage IDR Complaints

Experience in Analytics and Reporting

Real-time actionable insights to help improve the experience

  • Interactive Experience Dashboards
  • Daily Complaints Experience reporting
  • Text and Sentiment Analysis
  • Interactive analytics environment
  • Journey view of Complaints Experience
  • Use text analytics to uncover systemic issues

Root Cause Analysis

Uncover the root causes of complaints

  • Scalable and systematic root cause capability across channels, products, brand
  • Identification and reporting of root causes to complaints
  • On-going trackable metrics for root cause management
  • Quantify root cause impact across the business

Are you ready to open up new business opportunities through complaint experience management?

Get ready to bring the customer to life within your organisation.