Text Analytics

Transform unstructured text into actionable insights effortlessly

Transform overwhelming volume into simple to read signals

Are you drowning in data, starving for insights, and sick of reading verbatim day and night?

Resonate platform’s Text Analytics offers a powerful suite of tools designed to transform overwhelming volumes of unstructured customer feedback into useful data

Drive Growth with Our Award-Winning CXM Platform

Discover a new horizon of customer understanding with our robust Text Analytics module inside the Resonate platform

Get the ‘Why’ Behind the Score

Browse Sentiments  

See the overall sentiment through the Verbatim Sentiment Label

Discover Concerns and Wins

Discover customer-specific concerns and wins through Topics and Themes

Analyse Feedback

Analyse feedback with ease through the Customer Verbatim Tile

Real-Time Smoke Detectors

The Dashboard is dedicated to highlighting Trending Topics, providing users with immediate insights into what is most pertinent at any given time.

Uncover the stories your customers are truly telling you

Resonate Platform’s Text Analytics offers a powerful suite of tools designed to transform overwhelming volumes of unstructured customer feedback into actionable insights.

FOMO Yet? Our Customers Love Us

December 05, 2023

“Resonate provides a great portal to gather and review customer experience.”


Retail Enterprise User

November 09, 2023

“Powerful platform for providing valuable real-time insight on customer satisfaction levels.”

Samar A.


June 21, 2023

“Highly recommend Resonate for their CX knowledge and expertise.”

Beck D.

CX Lead

May 04, 2023

“Very easy to use – does exactly what it says on the tin.”

Jaeson D.


May 04, 2023

“Excellent platform providing valuable information about CX.”

Alison B.


April 05, 2023

“Nice software and user-friendly.”

Rashim S.

Sr. HR Specialist

Start understanding your unstructured data


Text Analytics helps in identifying trends, discerning patterns, and understanding critical points from the data, which are essential for informed decision-making. 

Yes. The platform uses TA capabilities to manage the complexity of business operations and provide timely, actionable insights. Features such as capturing omni-channel feedback, closing the loop on bad experiences, discovering strategic insights, and driving cultural change are geared towards near real-time interaction and feedback management.

Absolutely! You can book a demo here and we will get in touch with you shortly. 

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