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The Current State of Brick-and-Mortar Retail Customers

Recent years have brought a few changes to in-store shopping with the introduction of online shopping and advanced technology. Despite this, many consumers continue to prefer in-store shopping. This report looks at customer behaviour in brick-and-mortar stores.

LGA Citizen Experience Opportunities 2023:
Victorian LGAs

In this report, you will get valuable insights on the following: (1) What is driving citizen experience in Victoria?, (2) How can Victorian LGAs benefit from the citizen experience?, (3) Key opportunities for improvement, and a whole lot more on CX for LGAs.

Childcare Customer Opportunities in 2022

The ultimate report for Early Childhood Education and after-school care Services Providers who want to understand their customers and identify growth opportunities

How Australian E-commerce Shoppers Changed in 2021

Explore our market research report on Australian e-commerce shoppers. Discover the top 3 opportunities to enhance the online shopping experience.

Top E-commerce Insights: What Customers Value in 2021

Discover essential 2021 trends in our e-commerce industry report on Australian shopper behavior.

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