Walmart China NPS Program wins Service Innovation Award – Powered by Resonate

Walmart China was recently awarded the “2016 Annual Service Innovation Classic Case” presented by the Central Government of the People’s Republic of China (Consumer Council and Consumer Protection Committee) in conjunction with China Consumer News and The Chinese Consumer Network.

The award is presented to “enterprises that actively adapt to consumer trends and changes in consumer behaviour” and encourages “enterprises to be creative in pursuit of excellence, through service initiatives, service delivery and service model innovation”. To win the award, enterprises were expected to “leverage consumer insights, personalise, diversify their service offering.

Walmart has partnered with Resonate for the past 3 years to provide the closed loop feedback platform, ‘Resonate Pulse’, capture, measure and act on customer feedback of customers visiting their stores across 25 provinces throughout China.

Since deploying Resonate’s Pulse Platform, Walmart has captured over millions of customer responses through various channels. These responses are processed and presented back to frontline staff and store managers, allowing them to action feedback and improve the store experience. The data is also used to deliver rich insights for the store operations teams and senior management teams allowing them to make strategic decisions and investments to better the store experience.

“Resonate has successfully rolled out and refined a transactional NPS platform across a 400 plus store network in China over the past three years. The program has been instrumental in establishing customer-centric focus at the store level, and systematically increasing NPS across the network. The innovation, adaptability and resilience of the Resonate team has been greatly appreciated” said Jim Thompson, COO, Walmart China.

“We started this journey very early with the team at Walmart China and have since then been part of the full rollout to every store, becoming a key part of their operating rhythm. Working with the team it was clear how dedicated they were to driving service excellence and continuous improvement. It is the team and their hard work that has made this program a true showcase in customer experience in the region. We would like to congratulate Walmart China and feel proud to have played a part of in such a successful NPS program.” says Mita Bedi CEO, Resonate.

Resonate’s software is built on Microsoft’s Azure platform with the approach of being flexible and scalable to the end-user’s demand. It is designed to strategically improve enterprise’s customer experience through listening to the voice of the customer, acting on the feedback, discovering new insights through analytics and then improving customer experience through fact-based decisions.

About Resonate

Resonate is the leading Australian SaaS Customer Experience Management (CEM) provider. Resonate’s methodology combines technology and expert advice to tailor voice of customer programs for enterprises to drive customer advocacy. The Resonate Pulse platform is designed to capture comments, measure Net Promoter Score and close the loop on customer feedback through various channels. Whilst delivering valuable real time actionable insights from the frontline to the C-Suite. Based in Sydney, Resonate Solutions is trusted by a number of the world’s leading brands. Learn more at