Resonate CX Wins Big in Winter 2024 G2 Report

Resonate CX, a disruptor in experience management platform and Voice of Customer (VoC) technology, announces an impressive haul of 12 esteemed badges in the G2 Winter 2024 Report. This achievement demonstrates Resonate CX’s focus on delivering innovative CX platform that solves for the customers need and the users have made this clear through their shining reviews.

“We are continuously investing in our innovative VoC platform that enables our customers to get high ROI, grow their market share and use CX as a strategic pillar, especially as companies face a tougher economic climate” said Mita Bedi, CEO of Resonate CX. “And our G2 badges and positive reviews are power our team to build the world’s leading CXM platform”

Resonate CX is pleased to be recognized once again by G2 as a leading software platform for  enterprises across the globe with a focus on retail and education, B2B.

Key Highlights of Resonate CX’s Awards

For the third season running, Resonate CX secures top badges for “Easiest To Do Business With”, “Easiest Admin”, and “Best Support”. These G2 badges and recognitions underscore Resonate CX’s focus on creating an intuitive and responsive CXM platform together with a team that accelerates time to value, unlike other competitors which may take three to 6 months to implement, Resonate’s unique integration layer allows for implementation to take under six weeks.

The “High Performer” and “Easiest Setup” badges demonstrate Resonate CX’s ability to deliver quick results and reliable performance.

Resonate CX also wins “Users Love Us”, showcasing the strong focus on usability and UX that the users feel when interacting with the platform.

“These awards empower our team’s mission and instill confidence that we are in the right direction to build the worlds more innovative and user friendly VoC/CXM platform. We aim to set new standards for the industry which has largely been about surveys only.” said Joris Dries, CTO of Resonate CX.

With its impressive showing, Resonate CX cements its position as a CXM leader. The company looks forward to driving more innovation and earning users’ trust in 2024 and beyond.

Other highlights from the Winter 2024 Report include:

  • High Performer (Feedback Analytics, Experience Management, Survey, Employee Engagement)
    • Asia-Pacific (Feedback Analytics, Australia Survey, Australia Employee Engagement, ANZ Employee Engagement, ANZ Survey, Experience Management, Survey, Employee Engagement)
    • Small-Business (Australia Survey, ANZ Survey, ANZ Employee Engagement, Small-Business Asia Pacific Experience Management)
    • Mid-Market (Feedback Analytics, Experience Management, Survey)
    • Enterprise (Feedback Analytics)
  • Easiest To Do Business With (Feedback Analytics, Experience Management, Survey, Employee Engagement)
    • Enterprise (Enterprise Feedback Analytics)
    • Mid-Market (Experience Management)
  • Easiest Setup (Experience Management)
    • Mid-Market (Experience Management)
  • Best Support
    • Mid-Market (Experience Management)

About G2

G2 is the world’s largest and most trusted software review platform, with over 400,000 verified reviews of 600+ software products. The site provides insights to over 80 million visitors annually. This includes Fortune 500 companies, to help them make informed software purchasing decisions.

The platform’s rankings are highly trusted because they are based on real data from authentic user reviews, according to G2 Chief Product Officer Sara Rossio. This ensures buyers can rely on the insights when researching and selecting software.

G2 partners with thousands of software companies of all sizes, including major players like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoom, and Adobe. These partnerships allow companies to build their reputation, manage spending, and spur business growth based on transparent user reviews.

About Resonate

Resonate is the leading Australian Voice of the Customer (VoC), Voice of the Employee (VoE) and NPS Management software provider. Through a structured methodology, Resonate CX’s platform is designed to systematically improve customer experience.

It has built one of the world’s leading VoC, VoE, and Experience Management platform. We empower delightful experiences and drive revenue for brands that want to take the lead using the “experience advantage.”

A Shoutout to Our Community

We are thankful for the support of our vibrant user community whose honest feedback and recommendations were integral to securing 12 prestigious awards. Your reviews provide invaluable insights that guide buyers and motivate our team daily. We hope you’ll continue sharing your experiences.

Planning an Exciting 2024 at Resonate CX

After exceeding our 2023 goals, the Resonate CX team has been diligently preparing new features to further improve the software search and discovery experience in 2024.

We look forward to continuing to earn the G2 community’s trust as we take CX management to the next level.

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