CX Ebook

Enhancing Citizen Experience: A Checklist for A Successful CX Program in LGAs

The Must-Haves for Successful CX Programs in Local Government Area (LGA)

This checklist serves as a comprehensive guide for enhancing citizen experience in local government. It offers a roadmap for creating responsive, efficient, and citizen-centered service delivery. Key elements include: 

  1. Multichannel Feedback Capture: Diverse channels for different demographics. 
  2. Visualizing End-to-End Journey Metrics: Utilizing real-time metrics for investment and simplification decisions. 
  3. Real-Time or Near Real-Time Capture: Timely intervention for issue management. 
  4. Inner Loop Creation: Partnering with experts for operational efficiency. 
  5. Easy Actionability: Directing data for actionable feedback. 
  6. AI for Unstructured Data: Leveraging AI for objective insights. 
  7. Outer Loop Creation: Leadership collaboration for comprehensive citizen experience insights.

This checklist is a valuable resource for organizations aiming to break down siloes and deliver exceptional customer experiences, with actionable insights powered by Resonate’s world-class CX platform.