Differentiate yourself from your competition

Build better trust with your clients by scaling customer focus within your business. Make customer experience management part of your operational rhythm and grow business opportunities.

“Resonate’s team showed great investment in the relationship, keeping the momentum consistent before we even signed on to the end. We wanted to work with a partner who would help us navigate the waters of a Voice-of-Customer pilot as part of our digital customer-first transformation. The integrity and commitment of the Resonate team is something not often come upon in partner. Our journey was made so much more effective and efficient because we knew they were in it for our success.”

Mei Koon, General Manager, Marketing & Communications, NSW Business Chamber

Client growth and acquisition slowing down?

Listening to your customers rhythmically can provide you valuable insights to help you overcome disruptions from your competitors.

What if you could

  • revive dormant clients and grow revenue
  • increase the average length of projects
  • optimise team resources servicing your clients
  • actively build recommendations and referrals
  • build future offerings backed by data

Increase lifetime value of the customer by understanding them better

Compete with data

Our text analytics engine help you identify the trends as they develop and help you grow faster than your competitors.

Active feedback actioning

Action the feedback faster and make improvements to strengthen client relationships.

Find the sentiments

Discover the customer sentiments and find out the things you are doing well and the ones you need to improve.

Drive change across the organisation

  • Manage cultural change at scale without having to push from the top
  • Empower every team with insights into what delighted the customer and what created pain
  • Create an uplift in productivity across each staff member, multiplying the ROI of insight

Role based reporting

Every team and individuals are provided with the insights and snapshots that concerns them the most, increasing the efficiency.

Find the why

Detailed feedback combined with the contextual data provide your teams to find the why behind every feedback.

Keep track of your team

With an easier way to track your team activities, you can increase your team’s productivity to provide the best experience.

Create a difference by understanding the whole journey

Getting to know your customer’s full journey helps you break silos and make improvements which affects the whole journey rather than single touch points.

  • understand the complex ecosystem of influencers
  • understand every touch point and their importance in the journey to prevent customers from churning
  • discover which points are creating a potential loss in revenue
  • improve customer experience continuously to compete with disruptions

Get ready to increase lifetime value of your clients and grow your business

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