Grow Occupancy and Reduce Operational Risk.
Get the CX Advantage.

The Resonate Customer Experience management
platform enables leading global childcare
providers to drive customer delight, reduce churn
and operational risk. An essential platform for
sustainable growth.

Increase and Sustain High Occupancy

Systematically and sustainably get centres to capacity — with
CX insights in real-time at your fingertips.

Increase conversion

Take the confusion out of conversion. Give team members rich insights to deliver a winning tour experience.

Reduce churn

Stop losing customers and grow their tenor. Use early warning signs to step in at the right time.

Talk to one of our childcare CX experts and
find out how to drive occupancy using
customer experience management.

Enable Operational Excellence.
Reduce Risk.

Get operational insights across all centres in real-time.
Understand which centres are performing the best and why.

Mitigate operational risk

With always-on feedback, have a continual pulse into any pending areas of risk across the network of centres you operate.

Smart investment

Take the guesswork out of investing in your business. Make targeted investments backed by data.

Learn from one of our childcare CX Experts how
to make operational excellence effortless.

Be the employer of choice.

Get the best from your employees and
attract and retain top talent.

Hire the best employees

Build a culture where people want to work for you. Turn employees into a referral machine.

Control staff attrition

Understand what creates a great workplace to retain skilled employees.

Build a strong workforce and talk to one of
our childcare CX Experts.