NeT promoter score

Run a true Net Promoter System not just a Score

Understand every relationship, interaction, and episode in real-time.

Platform Feature

Understand your Customer’s Experience like the best do

Enable a strategic NPS loop to make truly ROI-based improvements

Automated Omni Channels Surveys

Automated, omni channel surveys: that gather real-time relationship and episodic feedback across touchpoints, channels and devices

Increased Response Rates

Stay relevant and collect smarter survey reactions through contextual questions designed by a powerful AI system

Platform Feature

Enable the inner loop – empower frontliners and scale operational excellence

Closed-loop feedback enables actions and pushes feedback to the frontline in real-time. Empower your frontline with the ability to understand the customer experience (CX) and recover them

Role-specific dashboards

For empowering frontliners and compelling them into action

Automated workflows

Powering service learning and recovery at scale

Verbatim Themes

Use our AI driven analysis and identify key areas of performance and improvement

Platform Feature

The path to strategic improvement and competitive advantage begins with a “Why”

Enable a strategic NPS loop to make truly ROI based improvements

Text Analysis

Transform unstructured customer feedback and verbatim into structured sentiment and intent analysis

Root-cause analysis

Let our advanced ML driven AI systems do the heavy lifting and analyse the data for you

NPS with context

Bring operational and NPS data together to understand past and present context to build and implement strategy for change

Platform Feature

Bring Customer sentiment to life throughout your organisation

Improve Customer Empathy

Build and strengthen the organisational customer centric culture by bringing customer empathy to both the frontline and back-office teams

Create brand ambassadors

Empower frontliners and make them proud of being organisational brand ambassadors

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