Top E-commerce Insights: What Customers Value in 2021

A Consumer Experience Study by Resonate.CX

Our report unravels the behavioral shifts of online consumers in 2021, offering insights for businesses aiming to enhance their digital storefronts. 


Here’s what you’ll discover 

Gather insights on the Australian e-commerce industry with our market research report.

The shift in online spending habits due to the pandemic, with a significant portion of consumers maintaining increased online spending post-COVID. 
The emergence of distinct customer personas in e-commerce, ranging from enthusiasts to slow adopters, each with unique online shopping preferences. 
Key drivers for e-commerce preference, including convenience, product availability, and safety concerns. 
The impact of delivery fees and product availability on customer acquisition and retention in the e-commerce space. 
How trust and effective problem resolution can convert one-time buyers into loyal customers.