Guide to Launching Your CX Program

Guide to Successful CX Programs (Part 2): The Launch

This Part 2 of the CX Guide eBook promises a comprehensive journey into the world of customer experience, beginning with foundational concepts and the importance of metrics in assessing performance. It emphasizes the essential nature of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the critical role of feedback in crafting potent CX strategies.  

This guide not only covers the initial stages of a CX program but also delves into the continuous process of monitoring and optimizing, providing a CX checklist to ensure the program’s health and effectiveness. This CX guide provides a deeper understanding of the closed-loop feedback mechanisms and the CX survey process, all aimed at achieving long-term success and excellence in the CX journey. 

Some key points from the eBook include: 

  • The importance of defining clear objectives for the CX program. 
  • The need to involve decision-makers from across the business to ensure success. 
  • Tips for designing effective surveys and capturing the right information. 
  • Strategies for closing the loop with customers to maximize the impact of the program. 
  • Best practices for capturing the entire customer journey to identify areas for improvement. 
  • The necessity of integrating data from different sources to track customer experience effectively.