Coffee with Resonate

Growing CX and Voice of Customer Featuring City of Whittlesea

Join us for another episode of Coffee with Resonate as we chat with Jordan Glancy of City of Whittlesea.

In this Coffee with Resonate interview, we take a closer look behind the City of Whittlesea’s innovative approach to customer experience. This video is tailored for local government authorities (LGAs) and service-oriented organizations aiming to enhance citizen experience. Journey with us as we explore the transformative strategies by the City of Whittlesea to deliver exceptional service and foster community engagement. 

In this preview, you’ll get a glimpse of powerful insights: 

  • The Whittlesea Way to Customer Experience: Discover how the City of Whittlesea has set new standards in CX and what you can learn from their success. 
  • Elevating Citizen Experience: Learn how to craft content that speaks directly to citizens, mirroring Whittlesea’s commitment to exceptional LGA customer experiences. 
  • Converting Insights into Action: See how Whittlesea translates customer feedback into tangible improvements and how you can do the same. 
  • Leveraging Data for Continuous Improvement: Get acquainted with how the City of Whittlesea uses analytics to refine strategies and remain at the forefront of CX innovation.