Coffee with Resonate

Insights on CX Analytics and Customer Feedback Featuring Thrive Learning Centre

Join us for an episode of Coffee with Resonate as we tackle Thrive Learning Centre’s journey in enhancing customer experience with Resonate, focusing on strategic CX analytics and feedback to drive customer satisfaction. 

In this insightful session of “Coffee with Resonate,” we sit down with Craig Talberg from Thrive, delving into the heart of customer experience leadership. Get a glimpse into the strategic role of CX in shaping the future of early childhood education: 

  • Implementing CX onboarding: How Thrive adopted the Resonate platform to foster a deeper understanding of their service impact through customer feedback. 
  • The power of CX analytics: Leveraging data to sculpt and refine the parent experience at Thrive. 
  • Measuring success with CX KPIs: The benchmarks Thrive uses to gauge customer satisfaction and operational excellence. 
  • From feedback to action: Real-world examples of how customer experience analytics translate into tangible improvements. 
  • The journey ahead: Thrive’s commitment to enhancing the parent experience and setting new standards in early childhood education. 

Tune in to understand how customer experience is not just a metric but a cornerstone in building a thriving educational community.