Grow Occupancy and Reduce Operational Risk

Operational excellence and quality are essential as you scale – learn how CX program enable the best to drive growth and scale

Increase and sustain high occupancy

Systematically and sustainably get centres to capacity — with CX insights in real-time at your fingertips.

Increase post-tour conversions

Go beyond the biannual survey and give the employees a chance to share their relationship and episodic feedback in real time.

Reduce Churn

Use early warning signs to step in at the right time.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Identify opportunities to increase existing customer usage and lifetime value

Enable operational excellence

Get real-time operational and performance insights across all centres to make smart investment decisions

Mitigate operational risks

With always-on feedback, identify problems before they happen. Let us be your smoke detector across the network of centres you operate

Optimized team performance

Get operational insights across all centres in real-time. Understand which centres are performing the best and why

Smart Investments

Take the guesswork out of investing in your business. Make targeted investments backed by data

Empower Action

Use our AI driven analysis and insights to empower the centers to close the loop and deliver delight

Sentiment and intent analysis

Let our system transform unstructured feedback, sentiment and verbatim into well organised, structured insights

Role based dashboards

Role based dashboards for compelling action at all levels

Automated workflows

Automated workflows make closing the loop easier and increase conversions

Be the employer of choice

Use feedback from employees and parents to create a positive organisational culture that attracts both employees and parents

Attract and hire the best employees

Build a culture where people want to work for you. Turn employees into advocates and increase referrals

Retain and grow stars

Understand performance and implement strategies that help employees grow and deliver the best standards

Download the report on Childcare

Customer Opportunities in 2022

The ultimate report for Early Childhood Education and After School Care Services Providers who want to understand their customers and identify growth opportunities

Trusted by the best

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