CX Case Study

How Tops Day Nurseries Increased Customer Advocacy to Drive Business Outcomes

Discover how they utilized our Customer & Employee Experience Platform to amplify the voices of parents, employees, and children. 

Explore the journey of Tops Day Nurseries, a leading provider of flexible and quality early education and care since 1990.

Key Learnings

Childcare Case Study

An in-depth look at how Tops Day Nurseries leveraged customer and employee feedback to enhance their services. 

NPS Score Improvement

Insights into how the nursery experienced a 10% increase in their Net Promoter Score (NPS), which gauges customer loyalty. 

Employee NPS

Learn about the significant 33% rise in Employee NPS, indicating improved staff morale and retention. 

Closed-Loop Feedback Process

Understand the process implemented by Tops Day Nurseries, including the rapid response mechanism to feedback from both parents and employees, leading to immediate action and acknowledgment. 

Operational Enhancements

See how feedback translated into improvements in billing, booking, and communication, as well as employee satisfaction and management practices.

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