CX Case Study

Junior Adventures Group (JAG) Case Study

Discover how Junior Adventures Group is transforming outside school hours programmes with AI-powered CXM

Transforming CX in Education:
Junior Adventures Group Case Study with Resonate.CX 

Key Learnings

Future-ready programmes

With real-time data at their fingertips, JAG shifted from gut-feeling decisions to data-driven strategies. They could respond swiftly to parental feedback, fine-tuning their offerings to perfectly match the needs and expectations of families.

Proactive issue resolution powered by AI-driven insights

Through the powerful AI-powered text analytics, JAG was able to sort through overwhelming volumes of verbatim feedback with clear insights

Building strong partnerships with schools

JAG significantly strengthened their partnerships with schools by leveraging data-driven insights to enhance collaboration and communication.

Transforming families into long-term advocates

Understanding the “why” behind each experience fostered more realistic and honest conversations with parents, ultimately leading to more advocates.

Improvements in learning and development

With the Resonate CX platform, they gained deep insights into NPS drivers and areas for improvement enabling rapid and effective enhancements to their learning and development programs.


The focus is now on expanding the program, making feedback a cornerstone of their strategic planning, and exploring new ways to give children a voice in their development journey.

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