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LGA Citizen Experience Opportunities 2023

In this webinar, Mita Bedi, Resonate’s CEO & Co-Founder takes you through key insights found in the Resonate Commissioned Market Study for CX in LGAs, including:

  • What is driving citizen experience in Victoria?
  • How can Victorian LGAs benefit from the citizen experience?
  • Key opportunities for improvement
  • Much more….

Have you ever wondered what could improve Citizen Experience?

What is driving Citizen Experience in 2023?

Get a deep dive into the advancements and initiatives shaping the LGA Citizen Experience landscape in 2023.

What is Citizen Satisfaction with LGA services?

Learn about the initiatives aimed to empower citizens to actively participate in shaping their communities.

What are the key opportunities?

Explore innovative strategies LGAs could employ across Australia to enhance service delivery and improve the overall Citizen Experience.

This webinar will bring valuable insights to:

  • Local Government Officials: As a public servant, this webinar will provide you with tools, insights and strategies to enhance Citizen Engagement and service delivery in your LGA
  • Community Leaders & Advocates: If you are passionate about driving positive change in your area, this webinar will empower you to amplify your impact
  • Technology & Innovation Enthusiasts: Discover how cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions are revolutionising Citizen Experience in LGAs, and explore the potential for further advancements

About the Speakers

Mita Bedi

Mita is a customer experience specialist, thought leader, CEO, and Co-founder of With more than 20 years of international experience in business consulting, Mita has been part of leading transformational programs that help drive revenue and competitive advantage using customer strategy. She has lived and worked as a global citizen in the UK, Singapore, and Italy. Mita has founded and grown two companies and is passionate about driving impact.

Outside of her work life, she is also a mother of two young children, loves all creative pursuits and is an active member of her community.

Chris Russel

Chris is a passionate SaaS/Software and consulting leader with a diverse background in Customer Experience, digital, data, personalisation, IT Infrastructure and cyber security. With 18 years of customer-facing experience, Chris has developed a passion for building teams focused on helping customers grow revenue and adopt Customer Experience strategies that differentiate their brand in the eyes of their customers.

Chris has joined the leadership team to continue their growth and expansion into Australian and International markets. Outside of work, Chris is a proud father of 2 young children, loves to travel and loves extreme sports.

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