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The Must Haves for Successful CX Programs in LGA

Feedback Capture

LGAs have a vast demographic of citizens that they service, from the young, busy, and elderly to those with special needs. Ensuring that there are multiple channels for capturing feedback, e.g. Email, SMS, Paper, phone and web, allows for both the right quality and quantity of citizen experience data to ensure there is no bias due to a particular channel.​


Citizen experience teams are very resource-constrained, having to service the needs of a large and varied LGA organization. To ensure a successful CX program data must be ‘automatically’ sent to the right people who can action that particular piece of feedback and learn from it. The ease of actionability by democratizing data to the frontline is a must-have for success.​

(Near) Real
Time Capture

Citizen Experience sentiment can start to get inaccurate if feedback is not captured in near real-time. Especially the quality of the qualitative data that a citizen provides can dimmish further from the actual experience. The citizen may provide a record of a feeling but not an accurate detail that they can share for the LGA to receive deeper insights.​

Using AI for
Unstructured Data

There is more unstructured CX data than ever and having a proper text analytics engine that uses AI and can be trained over time is essential for extracting insights at scale across your CX program. It is no longer good enough to read through comments and create a report – rather let the text analytics and machine learning give objective insight into CX-free text.​

Collecting and Visualizing
End to End Journey Metrics

Many LGAs have taken great strides in identifying and documenting their citizen journeys and most of them have multiple overlapping journeys due to the complexity of the products and services they deliver. In order to run an effective and successful CX program, these journeys must be brought to life with real-time metrics to better understand which ones need further investment and which ones need simplification. A journey-based touchpoint CX program is a must-have in order to unpack and improve the citizen experience.​

Creation of Inner Loop
(Operational Loop)

Ensuring that CX programs do not become a simple metrics reporting programs, it is essential to put in place a change management system to set up an operational loop around which the CX data is collected. This is a process to allow the data to be actioned by frontline times as it comes in, a type of discipline that starts to make the whole LGA more citizen aware and drive better CX. It is best to work with expert partners to set up these basic inner loop processes in order to minimise disruption and maximise benefits.​

Creation of an Outer Loop
(Strategic Loop)

As rich data is collected across many citizen touchpoints and experiences, it is essential that strategic insights extraction and communication are set up in a repeatable and rhythmic approach. It is best practice to have quarterly leadership meetings with leaders from all functional areas to discuss and better understand the citizen experience insights that are coming through, such as, what is working and what requires strategic transformation.