CX Case Study

LCHS’s Journey to Achieving 61% Increase in Feedback Responses with Resonate.CX

Discover how Resonate.CX helped LCHS achieve a 61% increase in feedback responses and a peak NPS of +77 in this compelling case study. 

Transforming CX in Non-Profits:
LCHS Case Study with Resonate.CX | +77 NPS 

Key Learnings

Significant Feedback Increase

61% rise in customer feedback responses.

Peak NPS Achievement

NPS score soared to +77, indicating high customer satisfaction. 

Efficient Feedback Management

Utilization of Resonate.CX’s AI-powered dashboard for real-time feedback and swift resolution.

Data Privacy Compliance

Assurance of strict adherence to data privacy laws with local data storage. 

Scalable CX Program

Seamless scaling across multiple services with consistent response rates of 20-25%.

Cultural Integration

Establishment of a CX-centric culture with dedicated CX Champions and comprehensive training.

AI-Powered Insights

Leveraging AI-based Text Analytics for actionable insights and continuous service improvements.

Strategic Partnership

Demonstrating the power of strategic collaboration in transforming customer experience.

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