How Workplace Assured Transformed B2B Customer Experience (CX)

NSW Business Chamber: CX Case Study

NSW Business Chamber is a B2B workplace relations solution provider with over 60 years of workplace relations advisory experience.

As they set out with their digital customer-first transformation, they understood the pivotal role a voice of the customer program would play and set that in motion.

Embark on an enlightening journey through the B2B landscape with the Workplace Assured case study. This comprehensive analysis showcases how customer feedback can be harnessed to dramatically improve the customer experience and drive business success. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll discover: 

  • The intricate process of designing a feedback program from the ground up, tailored to unique organizational needs. 
  • Strategies that achieved over 25% response rates, illustrating how to engage B2B clients effectively. 
  • Approach taken to capture and enhance customer advocacy scores over time. 
  • Insights into the operational changes driven by customer feedback that led to swift service improvements. 
  • How Workplace Assured made a compelling case for the value of an active customer feedback loop in a B2B setting. 

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