CX Case Study

How BCF’s Omni-Channel Strategy Increased their NPS

BCF (Boating, Camping, Fishing) is Australia’s leading outdoor retail chain, offering a wide range of products for outdoor enthusiasts. This case study examines BCF’s collaboration with us since 2014 to create an impactful customer experience program. 

This Net Promoter Score (NPS) case study outlines how BCF has kept customer insights at the core of its strategic decisions, leading to enhanced brand loyalty and significant growth. 


With more than 136 stores across every state of mainland Australia, BCF is the largest outdoor retailer in the country.

Since partnering with Resonate, BCFs’ customer experience program has helped them adhere to the belief that their competitive advantage stems from the experiences they provide to their customers.

Key Learnings

The implementation of our Customer Experience (CX) program and its impact on BCF’s business. 
How customer feedback data was harnessed to inform product and service decisions. 
The role of real-time dashboards and analytics in understanding and improving store performance. 
The evolution of the program to include online customer experiences, aligning with the omnichannel strategy. 

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