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More than ever, a radical focus on Customer Experience will be the vital ingredient for growth and recovery. So understanding the customer experience and what drives loyalty in the New Normal is key for brand success.

Resonate’s analysis has demonstrated three key strategies for brand success going into the New Normal. To succeed in the New Normal, brands should build great customer experiences by understanding new customer personas to drive . Preparing for the shift-to-online to impact CX, and using customer interaction touchpoints as the secret weapon in the New Normal. Following these strategies with an empowered VoC program will create a roadmap to industry-leading customer success and growth in the New Normal.

Traditional CX is giving way to dynamic customer journeys.

Traditional customer experience relies on people and interactions. But online services’ streamlined nature can cause providers to miss opportunities for great customer experiences. Ignoring low NPS and CSAT scores online can lead to quick loss of market share in the New Normal, where customers seek agile disruptors built for online experience. Customers expect customizable brand experiences that fit their needs in uncertain environments. Empowering frontline staff to intervene at the right points of the customer journey is key to transforming CX in the New Normal.

Pain and success points are more granular than pre-COVID-19.

New Normal customer experiences focus on granular touchpoints instead of broad make-or-break points. In-person experiences rely on expert staff to prevent churn and create promoters, while online experiences require investment in the right touchpoints. Salvaging unhappy customers over the phone is more difficult and expensive. Customer success in the New Normal is paved with touchpoints.

Increase Voice of Customer touchpoints to succeed in the New Normal.

The average Resonate client has added two or more additional listening touchpoints during the COVID-19 period. They have increasingly broken the customer journey down into granular pieces to understand pain points. And churn creating issues before they have an adverse effect. Breaking down the experiences into discrete touchpoints provides companies with the same benefits that expert customer facing staff do. A deep understanding of points of the customer journey that create raving promoters. And paths to resolving the points that turn customers into detractors. It gives companies the same customer experience power they exercise in-store and creates a roadmap to a unified customer journey across the brand. Touchpoints are the secret weapon for any CX-focused company in the New Normal.

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