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Four Steps to Driving Customer Experience in an Organisation

Often customer experience or advocacy initiatives are driven from the top down, and specific departments are made more accountable than others for driving and delivering results for this initiative.

However, customer experience isn’t just a goal for the marketing, sales or customer service department. It should be an organisation wide goal that helps to drive the business forward.

1. Make it known & set the goal

The first and most important step is getting the message out there, getting buy in from the different stakeholders in the business and setting the goal.

Here communication is key and you should aim to ensure that you communicate why this goal is important and how it will impact each stakeholder in the business.

2. Drive accountability and ownership

This is where you can really help to drive customer experience into the entire organisation. By handing over responsibility, accountability and ownership to each team and essentially each staff member, you are getting their buy in.

Essentially, the way to do this, is to announce one overall SMART goal for the company, and allow each department to come up with sub-goals and the tactical plan for how their department will help the company to achieve the overall goal. Then, hold them accountable for the goals they came up with through various incentives.

3. Keep track and operationalise customer experience

Now your goals are set and the organisation is on board, it is important to then keep track of the progress as well as make it easy for each department to understand the specifics on how they can improve based on the voice of the customer.

With technology like the Resonate Pulse Platform, you can easily and reliably operationalise the voice of customer data as well as close the loop on customer feedback. Drill down and find the root cause of customer experience issues and then resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

4. Provide feedback to staff

Providing feedback is highly important, and again the key here is communication. Keeping track on a weekly or monthly basis allows each staff member to see how they have progressed over the course of the week or month and provides transparency. This allows each staff member to see how they can move the scoreboard forward, and enables the visibility needed for open communication between departments.

Without regular feedback on how they are progressing in relation to their goals and the organisation wide goals these types of initiatives can sometimes be pushed to the back and forgotten about.

Have you implemented a program that drives customer experience?

Tell us what you have done and share your tips below.