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Our Delivery Methodology

Closed Loop Programs are transformation programs with technology playing an enabling role. We have several Net Promoter trained and accredited consultants and have developed practical methodologies (including checklists, templates etc.) for implementing Closed Loop Feedback Programs.

Typical Program Overview

We work with clients to confirm governance plans, program roll-out preferences and timing. Our solution follows a Listen-Act-Discover-Improve cycle that is adaptable to any business environment.

Closed Loop Feedback


Listen and Act

These steps involve quickly capturing customer feedback and enabling a quick response from frontline staff. The survey responses and follow-up data are made available on a role-specific portal and the immediacy and depth of this feedback makes customer follow-up even more valuable. Listen and Act is about creating one customer at a time, identifying local trends, and coaching local team members.

Discover and Improve

These steps are more strategic and identify broader systemic problems or opportunities that are beyond the control of frontline staff. Therefore, Corporate, District or Regional Managers collaborate on initiatives that can have a large impact on customer advocacy and the creation of promoters across the organisation.