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3 Key Focus Points to Increase NPS post-COVID-19

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Emerging from the COVID-19 lockdown period will see customers looking to build new consumption habits and reviewing their existing business loyalties. Promoters will be vital in this period. A supportive customer base and a high Net Promoter Score (NPS) will have a significant effect on your post-COVID-19 growth and market position. Resonate Solutions has identified three key focus points for your business to increase your NPS going into the post-COVID-19 period. 

1. Create lasting loyalty by giving first in this period. Resources spent on customer need will be rewarded later. 

To enter the post-COVID-19 era in a strong position, companies must actively build customer loyalty through this period. As we’ve discussed, this action will have an outsized effect: a strong CX response in this period will go a long way towards recovery. The most effective way to do this is an understanding of the unique COVID-19 concerned personas. This understanding will signpost CX priorities and actions through the pandemic period and maximize resources. 

2. Recognise weak points through the customer journey based on the current environment. 

Customers who are concerned with COVID-19 as they relate to your business see the customer experience in a different way. They are sensitive to communication and perceptions of COVID-19 action. They will be more likely to forgive a poor customer experience if they receive purposeful and empathetic communication throughout the experience; likewise, if this is missing, even an otherwise sound customer relationship could create a future detractor.  

3. Build a strong Voice of Customer program to monitor CX impact and efficiently allocate resources. 

We are in an unprecedented era and the customer-business relationship is evolving constantly and unpredictably. To prepare for post-COVID-19 era opportunities, companies must invest in building promoters through this period. The most effective way to build promoters in the pandemic period is encouraging and amplifying Voice of Customer programs coupled with effective and focused CX analysis. This will create an agile and constantly evolving CX roadmap. Industry leaders in CX during and after this period will be the companies that invest in text-analytics based VoC programs and use these insights to guide their customer relationships. 

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