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5 Tips to launching your Customer Experience (CX) Program

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Launching a customer experience or CX program can be a big task. Knowing some important steps to get your program running can reduce the pressure of managing the customer experience.

Which is why we have put together these 5 tips to help you succeed in the launch of your CX program!

Tip #1: Involve decision makers from across the business

It is really important to involve key decision makers from different departments. Not just those in customer facing roles. This is important to the success of a CX program because what every department does directly or indirectly affects the customer.

Involving representatives from all parts of the business in program design to gain diverse input on its impact on customer and colleague experiences. It will also enable you to ensure it is understood by all and will meet the needs of the wider business when it is launched.

Tip #2: Capture the right information

The key to succeeding here? Work backwards from the key business issues of the day. This is to ensure you design the survey to capture the information you need to help you address those issues. Think about the questions you need to ask to get the balance right. So that the survey has the right number of quantitative measures e.g. Business Driver questions. And qualitative data capture e.g. comment boxes that give explanation about the scores. Aim for a survey that takes no longer than 10 minutes.

Tip #3: Be flexible and prepare for continual optimization

Understand that what you think you know about customer pain points may not be accurate. And that you may not yet know what the real business issues are until you start the program. This is OK. And this may be a reason why you have started this program. It is OK not to have all the answers. Just make sure to design a program that is flexible to allow you to explore all subjects with customers. And keep evolving the survey, metrics and audience profile if needed.

Tip #4: Aim towards capturing the whole customer journey

Start with a pilot program that focuses on one customer facing channel, and then roll out the program to all your customer touch points over time. Think about all the channels, online and face-to-face and use different survey methodologies to best fit with each channel. The idea is to gain a complete picture of the whole journey and then understand where in the journey you can improve and seeing how that affects your customer experience. This is a great tool to understand where staff may need training and where improvements are needed in your business.

Tip #5: Integrate data

This relates to Tip #4, build a single repository for the feedback across all your programs so you can accurately track customer pain points throughout the whole customer journey. Overlay that data with operational data from the business e.g. sales data, employee NPS, employee tenure, customer value, etc. to gain even more value from the program and identify business drivers, and how these drivers impact upon your key metrics.

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