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  • Data insights

    A 4-Step Approach to Turn Customer Data into Insights

    By Luna Wen • December 3, 2021
    Big Data, Data-Driven Decisions, Artificial Intelligence. These new terms have started to come into business discussions and more people are talking about “Data” with the domain
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  • Voice of the Customer Mistakes

    6 Helpful Solutions to Common Voice of the Customer Mistakes

    By Pallavi Jankiraman • September 21, 2021
    Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs are fast becoming a staple for customer experience professionals seeking data to back strategic
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  • Overcome survey fatigue

    Overcome Survey Fatigue: The Best Tips in 2021

    By Awais Jan • August 18, 2021
    Survey fatigue is often the culprit when companies fail to build effective customer feedback programs. The impact of survey fatigue
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  • Employee Experience in a Storm – Managing Your Most Valuable Assets during M&A

    By Nate Barham • July 14, 2021
    Mergers and Acquisitions are corporate strategy bread and butter, largely due to the enormous profits and rockstar status attained by
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  • Apple and LEGO

    The Ultimate Customer Experience: How to win at CX like Apple & LEGO

    By Justin Reiss • June 10, 2021
    It is no surprise that the ultimate customer experience (CX) is a vital aspect of business success in today’s competitive
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  • Employee Experience in the New normal

    By Bevan Klumpp • March 22, 2021
    The events of 2020 have had an incredible impact on business and the way we go about it and these changes will no doubt continue to
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  • Brand NPS, Transactional NPS, Episodic NPS

    Different Types Of NPS – Why And When To Use Them

    By Pallavi Jankiraman • January 27, 2021
    All of us have, at some point, received a text or email survey from our favorite service provider asking  “How likely are you to
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  • Customer experience

    It’s time to change the CX conversation

    By Ali Thompson • November 10, 2020
    Ask yourself; · Would you fill in a five-minute survey with 20 questions for buying a burger? · Would it
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  • nps-outcomes

    Top 3 Reasons why most NPS programs miss the mark in delivering business outcomes

    By Nate Barham • June 23, 2020
    The NPS program lacks insight into what exactly drives customer experiences The NPS program lacks the tools to turn data
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  • 5 lessons from start-up

    5 Lessons I have learnt from working in a Start-up

    By Luna Wen • May 28, 2020
    While many graduates are aiming to get into large organisation Graduate Programs, I happen to have started my career from
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