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Too often we see companies collecting tremendous amounts of customer experience data. However, then complain that they don’t have enough capacity to analyse it. Or perhaps leverage the actionable insights from the data. 

As Forrester points out in their “How to Accelerate CX” report, customer centricity is how you get to being customer led. And that means getting everyone on the same page. Such as understanding NPS, and listening to what customers are saying. Because you can multiply the learning, improvements and growth by sharing customer feedback.

So let’s breakdown some easy ways to share customer experience wins and opportunities for improvements.

1. Advanced Customer Experience Management Software

The first step is to give the team access to the feedback. You can achieve this by utilizing an advanced customer experience management tool, which enables you to set up role-based permission access to the data. This means that merchandise departments, front-line teams, and others can access the responses. Additionally, you can hide customer identities and remove team member names to enforce privacy and focus on what delights or angers customers.

2. Alerts And Notifications

In a loud digital world, grabbing the attention of individuals within an organization can be difficult. However, these people play a crucial role in delivering a targeted customer experience. To achieve this, alerts and notifications can be utilized. Such as email, SMS, and other channels to directly share feedback. This approach can yield significant benefits by providing valuable insights.

3. Team Meetings / Town Halls

To create a culture of customer engagement, starting team meetings or company gatherings with CX stories is a fantastic approach. By sharing what went well and areas that require improvement, you can gain valuable insights. Without actively using customer feedback, your company may encounter repeated issues. To address this, holding “let’s take it offline” meetings can be an opportunity to discuss the situation in more detail. And furthermore to develop a CX strategy.

Moreover, sharing warm and positive customer stories can be a source of inspiration for the team. Which will encourage them to exceed expectations.

4. Digital Customer Experience Story Wall

On the flip side, sharing warm and positive customer stories can be a source of inspiration for the team and encourage them to exceed expectations. To enhance the flow between the different ideas, transition words like “however,” “in contrast,” and “on the flip side” can be helpful.

Placing TVs throughout the business that is broadcasting live feed of feedback is a real game changer when it comes to customer led culture.  This is a sign of confidence from upper management that customers are important. And what they are saying about the experience they are having with us everyone should know.  We’ve seen this improve culture and this also encourages the team to take a few minutes out of their day to read the feedback. 

Strategically placing the TVs in kitchens, breakout rooms, or outside executive offices makes it near impossible to miss.  Further these can be used for the daily team huddles who can stand near the TV and begin the session by reading some feedback and discussing what it means.

Ready to take your next step?

Talk to the team at Resonate who understand how you could democratise customer experience data and use smart ways to share this data

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