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A remarkable season to enchant (not only) your customers

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It’s that magical time of the year again, and here’s your chance to enlighten your customers with a great customer experience.  

In this “holiday rush” most business would strive to create remarkable experiences. May it be through investing in technology, Christmas decoration, best offers or ways to stand out from the competition. However sometimes at the cost of overlooking their best shot which is investing in their customer representatives.  

Why during this busy season it’s most important to look into the employee experience  

  • It’s a high-pressure environment, working longer hours and servicing more 
  • It’s a high-pressure shop for the customers who at this time are very sensitive to bad customer service 
  • High opportunity cost – Not having the employee experience right would cost the most in terms of lost sales. If employees are sick or not being enabled the opportunity cost is the highest in this season 
  • Build loyalty and emotional connect – Because most business would struggle at this moment due to the seasonal rush it is really a chance to differentiate and create loyalty at this moment of truth in the year. 

The magical touch 

Investing time and effort in your employee experience can directly affect your customer experience, generating more purchases, loyalty and word of mouth. Most successful companies know that what really connects customers with brands is the human touch. From creating new connections to nurturing the relationship, all that counts. It doesn’t matter if you are an online business and you use technology, customers want to feel that connection. 

Due to rush and time pressure of this season, it’s easy to forget and listen to the ones that are providing your customer service.  

Brand + human connection = Happy Customer 

The caring potion 

Always remind yourself that your customer representatives are the face, voice and attitude of your business, their impression really matters as they will eventually pass that to whoever walks in your store or your online chat.  

On this note, giving employees what they need to provide the best service, sharing best practices and CX training, having an open culture of getting and giving constructive feedback is crucial to building deeper understanding of your business- what you give is what you get.  

Power up the Circle 

Cultivating that culture, will enchant and can win the hearts not only of your employees but eventually your customers.  

Your customer representatives chat and interact with customers on a daily basis. They will have many stories to share and valuable insights that they can bring back to the business and can help your business grow. There’re are many ways you can improve your employee experience and it can be quite intimidating for both employer and employee to create this relationship of open feedback. Through technology there are many ways to do that and we encourage business to get to know more about it. 

Be the wizard 

Moreover, you’d be surprised about how much valuable insight is sitting within the frontline teams. Just by listening to the most valuable resource your business, these insights can turn into ongoing positive change. Most business would struggle at this moment due to the seasonal rush it is really a chance to differentiate and create loyalty at this moment of truth in the year.  

Happy employees will make a much better effort to improve customer service, especially when they feel they are being heard. This way you can close the year with big smiles on both employees’ and customers’ faces. Not to mention the great insights to get ready for the year to come. 

So, how do you think you could improve your employees and customers experience for the next year? 

For more information on CX and EX, check our blog.

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash

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