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Top 4 Make or Break Customer Experience Touch Points

Customer experience lives and dies on touch points. There is no getting around the fact that there are key moments that define your brand perception with your customers. We know this because we experience it ourselves. Think about an interaction you’ve had with a brand this week. How do you feel about them? More importantly, why do you feel that way? Chances are that perception has come from an experience you have had with the brand at a crucial touch point. There is no gain for a business who has a quality product. But provide an inferior experience engaging with that product.

Knowing the importance of touch points, here are 4 that we think are crucial in your business to nail your CX:

1 – Website

Although often overlooked, a website is a crucial touch point that requires more than just a cool design. Factors such as ease of use, upload speeds, navigation, adherence to w3 standards, and UX design must also be considered. With online purchasing increasing by up to 16% every 6 months, your website is becoming an even more vital point of customer interaction. Therefore, it’s essential to view your website as equally important as a shop front in terms of customer experience, as it’s a highly populated touch point that could be one of the only interactions you have with your clients.

2 – Phone Call

Phone call interactions with clients are vital touchpoints for businesses, just like online channels. However, phone calls have suffered from a slump in respect due to negative portrayals in movies, shows, and online jokes. Consequently, businesses with exceptional phone call interactions can stand out by providing helpful, considerate, and timely interactions. Redeeming the phone call touchpoint is overdue, and your company can be at the forefront by standing out from the competition.

3 – Postage and Delivery

The rise of online shopping has made postage and shipping a critical consideration for e-commerce retailers. Shipping options are a significant differentiator among online retailers. The Iconic, for instance, set a great example by offering same-day delivery, providing an exceptional customer experience. If same-day delivery is not possible, a personalized packing experience can make the postage touchpoint memorable. In any case, the postage and delivery touchpoint is significant and must not be overlooked.

4 –  Staff Member Presence

This touchpoint is not one that is under the radar or considered to be a trade secret – everybody knows your frontline staff has a major influence on your client’s interaction with your brand. Knowledge of product, willingness to help and general demeanour all play a part in the way clients experience your brand, directly through your staff. More than this, staff are constantly on show, and therefore constantly need to be in the mindset of representing your business. In our work with Walmart, we discovered staff smiling throughout their time in the store made a huge difference to client’s experience.

This was not necessarily an interaction or the traditional sense, but it was a perceived message from staff to client. More than a verbal or service interaction, staff members communicate by their presence within a store. A staff’s presence is a key touchpoint with your clients, outside of the transaction based communication they have with a client. Make sure your staff are aware of their presence as soon as they step into their role, and see what it does for your company’s face to face interactions with clients.

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