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CX and VoC Programs – 3 tips for selecting a partner

An overall expertise in CX and VoC is critical to a good and successful partnership.

As businesses recognise the value of implementing Customer Experience (CX) or Voice of Customer (VoC) programs, selecting the right vendor to partner with is a critical consideration.

Having worked with numerous medium to large enterprises in segments such as retail, financial services, telecom and e-commerce, I believe there are three important things that you should consider when selecting a CX or VoC partner.

1.  Expertise in CX/VoC

This is an obvious one.

CX has evolved into a specialised field over the past five years. In this time, different players have approached it in different ways. Some vendors approach this as a pure market research exercise and others from purely a technology perspective.

Like anything, striking the right balance between both approaches is crucial. The research and insights expertise will help you in driving actionable insights from your CX program. The technical expertise will ensure you are reaching the right customers, at the right time and your frontline and management can use this data easily.

But keep in mind that the change is effectively a business wide initiative to bring the ‘Voice of the Customer’ to the forefront – so strong change management has to support the program within your business.

An overall expertise in CX and VoC is therefore critical, and you need a partner that can help you at every stage – from analysing the customer journey, understanding the various touchpoints, designing the program appropriately and finally providing the right (technical) tools to make your frontline and middle managers effective in managing this change.

2.  The Product Platform

The product should effectively support the Listen-Act-Discover-Improve cycles.

A good platform should contain a multi-channel survey platform, light weight frontline tools for operational reporting and closing the loop on feedback. And finally having the drill down analytics tools for extracting insights from your data.

3.  Agility & Flexibility

Finally, a change program is complex and needs to be constantly improved. Implementing a CX or VoC program therefore is an iterative process.

Your partner has to be flexible and agile in working with you, as you discover better ways to receive feedback, gather data and improve your business. As this understanding gets refined, your partner should be able to support you through these improvement loops as well.

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