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Driving Customer Advocacy with Co-creation

Most companies now understand the value of being customer centric and are focusing efforts on improving and developing programs designed to deliver an amazing customer experience.

All of this is in order to build customer and brand advocacy.

However, you can go into a store and have a good experience, but that doesn’t necessarily make you an advocate, and you probably won’t tell people about your shopping experience.

How can you drive customer advocacy?

Out of the many strategies available, there is one that will drive advocacy in a way that is immersive in customer experience, and that is co-creation.

Co-creation involves viewing your customers as stakeholders of your brand, and inviting them to participate in different stages of innovation including the generation, development, design and testing of new ideas. By creating a relationship with your customers through co-creation, you are engaging them to put forward their own ideas, which creates buy-in and builds advocacy.

However, the real magic happens when you are able to take a customer’s idea and make it a reality. This is creating true advocacy as you are actively engaging your customers in a way that is timely and meaningful to them.

Is it time consuming?

It doesn’t have to be. Sure you can run live focus groups, but co-creation doesn’t have to be a scary idea only some brands can afford. The Resonance (Discovery) Surveys enable you to co-create, quantify and prioritise market ideas, providing you with evidence of what your customers want in order to continually innovate and advance your products, services or processes.

The Resonance (Discovery) Survey provides you with a platform allowing you to crowd-source and co-create for a fraction of the price and in as quick as one week.

How can you measure the impact of co-creation on advocacy?

By measuring and monitoring the Net Promoter Score of your chosen co-creators, you can easily measure the effect of the co-creation process on customer advocacy across a given time.

Are you ready for co-creation?

Perhaps you aren’t quite sure if you are ready for co-creation just yet, that’s ok! We have put together a checklist that will help you to prepare for co-creation.

Download the Co-creation Checklist

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